Attic / Loft Conversion in Bath

Serving the Bath area, BBLC specialise in loft conversions. For any loft conversion that we carry out, initially our in-house architect will put together the relevant plans in detail, together with structural calculations. Any submissions that require approval, regarding Building regulations or Planning permission, will then be made, and be included in any fixed price quotation.

Because of the effectiveness of our ‘Design and Build’ service, when the details are being dealt with, you can be assured that things will be kept as stress free as possible.

Bespoke Loft Conversion

We offer a loft conversion that is bespoke, and our conversions come with a 5 year company guarantee. We will complete any loft conversion project between five and eight weeks, but exactly how long will depend on the size of the actual conversion. Any disruption by us is kept to a minimum, because materials are taken in through the roof.

During important completed stages of the conversion, visits will be made by a Qualified Building Instructor, and the loft conversion will then be given a Final Inspection once it has been completed. The types of loft conversions that we carry out include Velux, dormer, mansard, and truss roof conversions, as well as master suites. Whether it's an extra bedroom, office, or a master suite, a loft conversion can be a way of utilising extra space in the family home. Please call us on our free number, 0800 374 712, or via our mobile number, 07711435556, for more details about our services.

Pictures of lofts
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