Attic / Loft Conversion in Southville

BBLC’s experiencing designing loft conversions in Southville is exemplified by the range of homes across the region that have sought our services to help them to convert loft space into a functional room for the home.

Inflated property prices and a sluggish property market have resulted in many homeowners deciding to delay selling their homes. However, this does not help those with growing families or who need more interior space.

Loft conversions can add some much-needed additional space to your home – whilst increasing the value of your home. It’s estimated that the addition of a loft conversion can significant value to your home. Building a loft conversion, complete with additional bathroom, can add 4.9% or £9,600 to the value of the average home in the UK. Increasing the floor area home by 10% can also add as much as £10,000. Adding an additional bedroom to the average family home can add 11% to its value – or £22,100.

Tailored Attic and Loft Conversions

For more than 28 years, BBLC loft conversion services has helped people across Southville, and across Bristol, to increase the floor space and add value to their home. Specialising in providing tailored loft or attic conversions, BBLC has helped redefine the homes of customers across the region.

With a customer-centric ethos and expansive knowledge of how to maximise space within the confines of a home’s structure, BBLC delivers exquisitely-tailored loft environments. From bedrooms complete with en-suite bathrooms to recreational rooms or environments rich in tranquillity for homeowners to relax and enjoy, our expertise and vision is unsurpassed in Bristol.

An Expert Team

Employing an in-house architect and a highly-skilled design and build team, our reputation for transforming homes across Southville – and Bristol – is unrivalled. We meticulously plan and execute all loft conversions, with all projects completed in just 5-8 weeks.

Able to complete loft conversions on properties of all descriptions, we have helped property owners of listed buildings design a bespoke conversion, creating a bright air airy interior space that is both pleasant and highly-functional.

BBLC’s customer centric ethos means that we you initiate our loft conversion services, we listen to your aspirations. We meticulously manage every stage of the process, always keeping you informed of our intentions and ensuring that we don’t just meet your expectations – we exceed them.

Get in Touch

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